Professional handsets for phone calls – convenience, comfort and multifunctionality

Is it only the quality of the emitted sound that affects the fact that the handsets for the phone can be considered good? Or does it depend on other, more important factors? It is no secret that in companies where it is common to make phone calls on a daily basis, appropriately selected headphones for a telephone with a microphone are the basic tool of work. Criteria for their selection are determined by certain parameters that should be taken into account.

Professional Axtel headphones unified communications are those that significantly exceed the parameters and capabilities of the equipment that we use every day. However, if we want to be sure that they will fulfill their purpose, we must consider what they should be, so that the employee who uses them can fully benefit from their potential.

Ergonomics and design

The basis is comfort. As call center headphones, for example, are used by an employee, practically all the time. They can not cause him discomfort, ears, headache, neck and spine pain. How do I take care of it?

First of all, focusing on equipment, only from reputable manufacturers. Many of them can boast of the use of extremely lightweight and durable materials and awards for the construction of their products. If we find out how many well-known companies use professional headphones of a specific brand, we will have an excellent determinant, which are considered by customers to be the best.

Fortunately, the times when headphones were associated with something unsightly are long gone. Currently, we have access to a wide range of different shapes and colors on the market. However, if we focus on simplicity and elegance (and this is the case in many companies), it is worth deciding on devices with a predominantly black color. This is a careful choice, although it guarantees that it will fit perfectly with all elements of the office, and will also appeal to the taste of its users.

USB or mini-jack?

Both when choosing headphones for telemarketing and those for everyday use, there is a dilemma whether to choose those that connect to the device via USB or maybe through a mini-jack.

Mostly, the choice will determine the capabilities of the source device. In a situation where a particular device is equipped only with a USB input, we should naturally choose a USB headset. However, a lot depends on the location of the connector in the device. If it is poorly accessible and connecting through it can be a problem, it is worth choosing an alternative.

Headphones for a landline phone, but also any other, which have a USB connection, can usually boast of their own audio interface. This means that in the case of devices with a weak sound card, the sound quality will be significantly improved. If, however, a desktop computer, laptop or any other device has a good sound card, it is worth to use its potential by betting on headphones with a mini-jack connector.

A third option that is also worth considering is wireless headphones. In this case, it is necessary for the device to have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Currently, the first technology is used most often, but because of the small range of operation, more and more often wireless headphones for call center use the second option. Wi-Fi connectivity is able to guarantee work, without the need to be in close proximity to the main transmitter, which is also associated with much greater freedom for the user.


The more interesting and innovative the equipment is, the more it makes your work easier. Call center headphones can have neat remote controls placed on the cable, which allow for full control of calls, and convenient volume control. Some companies also decide to use headphones for skype for business, to have full compatibility with the used software.